Why Do Great Strategies End Up Gathering Dust?

People Aren't Bought In!

Organizations fail to accomplish their strategic growth goals because the team isn't bought in and doesn't believe their efforts make a difference and the organization has no proven system to implement the plan. Without buy-in and without a proven system, the team falls back into day to day priorities and the business gets stuck in sameness. When the strategy doesn't stick, leadership scratches their heads, not knowing what to do next to make the changes needed to grow.

High Impact Leadership

The formula to drive strategic growth and increase results is a combination of developing leadership skills and implementing processes that focus the organization on accountability and results.


We've found the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) does this best. It's easily understood, customized for your organization and provides tools that can be applied from the first session. It's also scalable throughout the organization so that every individual knows what they are responsible for and how they are measured.

90 Minute Meeting


The first session in the EOS Process®, the 90 Minute Meeting, helps to set up and prepare the entire team for the journey ahead.

Focus Day™


The Focus Day™ gives the leadership team tools to clarify who's responsible for what, set priorities, improve communication, resolve issues and track critical numbers.

Vision Building™ Day 1


After a review of the Focus Day™ tools the leadership team will begin to clarify their vision.

Vision Building™ Day 2


In this 2nd Vision Building™ session, the leadership team will finish clarifying their vision and their plan to achieve it.

Quarterly Pulsing


Living in a 90-Day World™, the Leadership Team comes together every 90 days to set a plan for the next quarter & resolve all their key issues.

Annual Planning


Annual Sessions are 2 days with the leadership team each year to work on team health and update their vision and plan for the next year and next quarter.

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