Why Do Great Strategies End Up Gathering Dust?

Either people don't know the strategy or don't have Buy-In

Organizations fail to accomplish their strategic growth goals because the team isn't bought in and doesn't believe their efforts make a difference and the organization has no proven system to implement the plan. Without buy-in and without a proven system, the team falls back into day to day priorities and the business gets stuck in sameness. When there's strategy alone and no Human Strategy, leadership often scratches their heads, not knowing what to do next to make the changes needed to grow.

High Impact Leadership

The formula to drive strategic growth requires a commitment from all team members to make it happen. This commitment requires leaders to have a deliberate process to create an environment of engagement. Drawing on the work of Patrick Lencioni (Five Dysfunctions of a Team), Jim Collins (Good to Great), Verne Harnish (Rockefeller Habits) and our own experience and research we have developed a system that works!


We call it the Strategic Alignment and Accountability System (SAAS)™.


It's easily understood, customized for your organization and provides tools that can be applied from the first session. It's also scalable throughout the organization so that every individual knows what they are responsible for and how they are measured.


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