Strategic Alignment


Organizational growth is the result of successfully leveraging the collective capabilities of people—and having the right tools, information and alignment around a common purpose. If any of these falls short, so does growth.

Growth Operating System

We find most organizations have alignment at the executive level and misalignment across departments or on the front lines. When your people unintentionally pull in different directions, results fall short.

That’s why Garrison Growth uses their Discover-Align-Achieve model to deliver peak performance.


how to increase productivity,
customer experience and employee experience. Through crowdsoucing various constituencies — employees, leadership, board members, customers and investors — we help you advance their understanding of purpose, team effectiveness and unexplored growth opportunities.


leadership around the specific objectives needed to achieve growth, while staying true to your values. We help you use a common language to articulate your mission, vision and values-allowing teams to gain clarity on how Individuals and departments contribute.


through improved accountability, communications and decision making techniques. We help you create a culture of authentic feedback, where trust Is the engine that drives results and Innovation.


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