Don’t Let Lost Potential Be Your Greatest Expense

Gallup reports that three quarters of employees just show up for the paycheck and are not engaged. Imagine the results if your team put the passion and productivity back into their efforts.

Growth Operating System

Regardless of if you’re a profit or non-profit organization, growth is essential. In order to do so, though, you need to capitalize on your workforce’s talents and development. With clients around the world, we customize engagement programs for clients of all sizes. From large corporations to rapidly growing small businesses, we create transformational results and build the ideal company culture for you.

Our clients see dramatic improvements and experience:

Productivity, profitability and high level achievements
Igniting Alignment in the work to be done
Fostering Understanding of each others’ role and contribution
Building Trust that facilitates strong team mentality
Creating Connection between team members as human beings & unique individuals

Our Most Impactful Engagement Services:

Better Results through Leadership Team Development

  • Discover uncharted potential in your biggest investment—your leaders—as they gain a deeper understanding and alignment to your goals. Teams connect and inspire each other in meetings, demonstrating unparalleled accountability, commitment and growth using proven techniques.
  • Learn how to focus your time, energy and efforts on what you do best whether that’s strategic planning, leadership, team dynamics or opportunity assessments to improve outcomes and drive success.

Successfully Merging Cultures That Achieve

  • Most mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their potential. Even worse, key talent walks out the door. Our Discover-Align-Achieve model works to significantly increase the odds of breakthrough success and motivating key talent.

Strategy Implementation

  • Translating strategy into results is a major challenge for any organization. We often find that front line employees who do the work either aren’t fully aware of the strategy or aren’t clear how they can make it happen. We’ll work with your team to unleash growth.

Executive Leadership Transition

  • Using proven techniques, we partner with clients to customize successful integration of new leaders. Our program enhances the leader(s) understanding and business focus, while building corporate culture and values.

C-Suite Coaching

  • Ready to discover your full potential as a leader? Let’s talk. Our proven coaching methods help inspire executives to strategically maximize their leadership and impact.
  • We help you consciously commit to personal growth, so you can experience incredible gains in effectiveness.
  • We dig into what assumptions and beliefs are informing your actions—and those of your fellow leaders—so you can consciously build on current successes for better results.
  • Our coaches help you gain perspective into who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you can do it even better as a higher-functioning leader.

Board/Executive Strategic Collaboration

  • Want to identify best practices so you can get the most from talent on your board? We help you develop board interactions that deliver bottom line value and link strategic intent to each board member’s unique talents.
  • We work with CEOs and boards on board meetings, retreats and more. We help connect the talents and passions of board

Leadership Coaching

  • Everyone has the potential to be a leader in your organization. It is about a state of mind, not a title.
  • Growing and developing your talent in strategic ways can bring powerful value to your organization

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

  • We can help you make every meeting a great meeting. We work with you to create sessions that stimulate interactions, provide direction and resolve issues. Participants experience deeper connections, increased trust and valuable progress toward their objectives
  • Great meetings are the result of thoughtful discussions around achievable and impactful outcomes. They require pre-work and on-site management to be flexible enough to follow the energy of participants while being disciplined enough to get the job done.

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