Our Beliefs

A Holistic Approach to Success

Our belief around the tools and techniques we share is that they are applicable in all aspects of life–not just in the workplace.


We believe growth is most impactful when a person can:

  • Recognize their beliefs control their potential
  • Learn new methods and skills
  • Practice techniques through experiential exercises in a safe environment
  • Utilize techniques in day to day work-life
  • Reflect with other managers on what worked and what did not

Our research shows that several in-person sessions, spaced over several months, will provide an opportunity to “relearn” and master key concepts each session. We encourage a maximum group size of twenty managers with two facilitators to guarantee high personal interaction and accelerated learning.


The Wisdom is in the Room

People interfacing with customers often know best how to move the needle towards greater success. Tapping into others’ relevant experience means leaders don’t have to have all the answers, all the time.

Criteria Empowers Freedom

Allowing teams to self-direct requires leader confidence. Jointly developing definitions of a great outcome enables teams to act and leaders to delegate, so they are focused on the business, not in the business.

Passion Spurs Accountability

Passion and clarity are transferable. When leaders show, share and encourage enthusiasm for a mission, employees will follow. They’ll also want to work harder for leaders and hold themselves accountable to expectations.

Aligned Teams Thrive

Speaking a common, cross-functional language means all team members have a vivid picture of success. When teams understand the end game, and their part in getting there, prepare for unstoppable momentum.

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