Growth Operating System

Outstanding Results from Day 1

Your growth objectives are completely unique. That’s why we use a proven system that incorporates every team member in realizing your growth objectives!

Authentically Curious Leadership

The Growth Operating System (GOS) focuses your resources to achieve revenue growth, geographic profit expansion, optimized services, patron satisfaction, employee retention, student results or continued innovation. These principles have been applied in organizations from start up to multi billion, whether a corporation, government agency, non-profit, educational institution or association.

These are the 5 steps to the Growth Operating System (GOS):

1Meetings that Connect and Inspire

2Align and Create Accountability

3Growing Talent to Increase Capacity and Withstand Challenges

4Interpreting Data Correctly

5Crowdstorming Decision Making

Discover-Align-Achieve is the process that is used to create change and increase success:

No single individual has all the information required to make the best decision. We use qualitative and quantitative techniques to understand where people are in agreement about the work to be done, values and what effective teamwork looks like.

We share findings from the Discover phase and ask decision makers and doers to agree on what work needs to get done and how it will happen. This is where brainstorming, crowdstorming and criteria are used.

Teams co-create agreed-to action plans with built-in accountability and tracking mechanisms. The process is nimble and new learnings are applied through adaptation in order to achieve peak performance.

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