5 Easy Steps to Building (& Maintaining) A Values Based Culture

The competition for the best millennial employees is getting more intense

The competition for the best millennial employees is getting more intense. Millennials will make up half the workforce in four years. Most are looking for more than a paycheck and benefits, they are looking for somewhere that feels "right" to them – and that doesn’t always mean ping pong tables and free food! Large companies like Apple and Target have figured out how to attract great employees. You can walk into any Apple store in the world and have the same authentic experience with knowledgeable and personable employees. So, how is it these companies find success in hiring the "right" people for their culture company-wide? How can we apply those lessons to smaller businesses?

Hiring employees who fit the company values and culture results in higher productivity and increased retention. Reduced turnover also helps to maintain the company culture while reducing costs associated with recruiting and training new employees. So how do we ensure we are hiring the “right” people to gain the benefits?

Three key words! Values. Based. Hiring.

Sounds simple right? Although as logistics kick into play, we've witnessed client concerns around "what if the candidate is just telling me what I want to here?" or "how do I truly understand if they will be a good fit for the company culture and my team?" So here's the secret sauce to values based hiring. Ready?

Step 1) Identify company values and company culture identification. What are the attitudes and behaviors of your best employees? By what rules do they work? What is your organization’s mission or vision statement?

Step 2) Explore what characteristics and skillsets complement company values and culture. Think about the characteristics of your most engaged employees. Are they innovative? Do they have a positive attitude? What else?

  • If customer focus and satisfaction is a key company value, traits such as accountability, effective communication, team mentality and passionate with a positive attitude are all applicable

Step 3) Analyze your areas of strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Understand what valuable characteristics might be able to counteract and compliment your abilities.

Step 4) Identify behavioral based questions that measure the characteristics/skillsets identified in step two and three. Remember! Past behaviors are the greatest predictors of future behaviors.

  • To measure accountability and effective communication, you can ask the candidate "Tell me about a time you made a mistake." In their response ensure you are analyze their level of accountability and communication.

Step 5) Consistency, consistency, consistency! If possible, create and use a template that is used in every interview, of any position company-wide.

Values Based Hiring supports and drives company cultures through identifying candidates who will help enhance the organization as a Values Based Culture.

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