Dave provides me with a safe and nurturing space for metacognition. He asks catalytic questions that help me frame issues on a different level, understand my colleagues better, and most importantly understand my own story better. This supported self reflection has helped me confront error in myself and learn to suspend what I think I know about myself, how I should think, and how I should problem solve. I am extremely appreciative of the opportunity Dave has given me to approach my work with a new and curious mindset, it is helping me leverage my unique strengths and contributions and engage in my work in a more meaningful way.

Olivia Ziegler Assistant Chief, Academic Affairs Physician Assistant Education Association Washington, D.C. October 22, 2016

David is a highly strategic thinker, has excellent judgment and integrity to match it. We described him as "The President of the Internet" in our book 'The Starfish and The Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations" based on his interaction with French investors in the days when he took NetCom public. I can also attest that David is also an excellent advisor and coach to fellow CEO's.

Rod Beckstrom President, Rod Beckstrom Group. Former CEO ICANN. July 7, 2015

Dave is patient as I learn, pushing me to extend myself and focus on the right things. He has a level of understanding that's difficult to find and I value him not only for his counsel, but also for his candor and honesty.


Wayne Scholes CEO, RedTouch Media and Former Director of Strategic Marketing, Virgin Entertainment Group September 16, 2014

Dave has a deep understanding of how to motivate others, pull groups together and help individuals recognize their strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend him to any leader.


Michael Hexner Co-Founder, Wheel Works and Entrepreneurial CEO July 22, 2014

Dave asks the right questions... the ones that yield the essential insights and actions, and produce the results you want.


Guy Cornelius, PhD President, Vine Street Consulting July 22, 2014

Dave asks insightful questions that shed a light on courses of actions. He uses strategic long-term thinking to guide short-term action for international businesses.

Dr. Sally Anne Ernst Global Entrepreneur and CEO, CSNs July 22, 2014

Dave's powerful approach applies value-based tools that consistently deliver tangible results. He knows how to help you translate your purpose into actionable business and life plans.


Blake Kirby Chairman, Inovar July 22, 2014